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Salamis Shipping S.A., a member of Salamis Organisation among others, is the exclusive shipping agent of Salamis Lines’ RO/RO, Container and Cruise vessels in Greece. With an excellent reputation, our trained personnel  holds the experience to identify and recommends to clients specific transport solutions, tailored to their needs and expectations.

Since 1960’s, Salamis provides a consistent service among Greece, Cyprus, Israel and East Med. ports. The service originally started with passenger ferry boats, which today is operating with multipurpose Ro/Ro vessels. Salamis Shipping S.A., as the major Branch Office of the organisation , operates as the core of the traffic among Greece, Cyprus, Israel and East Med as well as the rest of Europe, accommodating professionally bookings with safety, efficiency and punctuality.


Services include:

  • Shipping agency / Port operations / Stevedoring services
  • Ship's provisions
  • Freight Forwarding  
  • Transshipments of rolling cargo , containers, etc
  • Transport services in  Greece
  • Customs clearing in Greece
  • Warehousing &Logistics
  • International Road Transport (TIR)

Ro/Ro Service

With an excellent reputation built over 60 years, we are known for our ability to identify and execute the most appropriate transportation solutions, ...

Container Service

Salamis Lines purchased a new Container Vessel with a capacity of about 700 TEUS. Since beginning of November 2015, the Container ...

T.I.R in Greece

  Salamis Shipping S.A. is collaborating not only with the affiliated company in Cyprus,  C.I.R (Cyprus International ...

Freight Forwarding

  Salamis Shipping S.A. has built a reputation second-to-none with the most reliable international forwarders and carriers, ensuring ...

Port Agency and Port Operation

  Salamis Shipping SA provides port agency and port operations from diverse sectors including cruise lines, bulk ...

Warehousing Logistics

  We provide third party logistics and can accommodate any kind of cargo which complies with the international standard regulations, ...

 Customs Clearance Services

  Salamis Shipping S.A. offers quick and accurate customs clearance services, including warehousing and distribution logistics, for dry ...

Transport Services

  Collaborating with the most reliable hauliers in Greece, Salamis Shipping S.A. is in position to execute safely and reliably the ...

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