Shipping Services in Cyprus

Salamis Shipping Services Ltd, a member of the Salamis Organisation, is a shipping multifaceted company based in Cyprus involved in Shipping, Transport and Logistics.

Salamis is widely accepted as very reliable, reputable and esteemed shipping operator for many decades now, in a variety of services including Shipping Agency for Passenger and Cargo Vessels, Cargo Handling, Transportation, Logistics and Travel Services.

Our customers classify the company to a high range for our prompt and reliable services in any aspect of shipping services, holding a considerable advantage in our experienced staff, the use of our own equipment, as well as the justifying use of port equipment for loading & discharging RO/RO (roll-on / roll-off), Container and Bulk Vessels.

In addition to our organisation’s multipurpose RO/RO, Container and Cruise Vessels, our Company represents many other Shipping Lines from different sectors such as:  Ro/Ro and Container Ships, Cruise Vessels, Yachts, Bulk Carriers, and Tankers, calling at any Cyprus Port and / or Anchorage.

From Lavrio

From Thessaloniki



Shipping Services in Cyprus
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